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[Joy] spreads thousands of miles

[Packaging] allows gifts to provide happiness

Packaging items so that they provide the most amount of Joy

We believe that every item that is gifted has significant importance, and all we’re trying to do is to provide them with the most beautiful packaging we can.
High-quality items require careful touches to make the recipients even more surprised.
Therefore, we’ve named ourselves “Joy Packaging” in the hope of providing items with more exquisite and artistic value.
We only hope that: when we give something away, they should look exquisite; when wrapped with Joy Packaging, the item will blossom with happiness.


Starting from the first eyeglass case, Joy Packaging has always made high-quality products even more amazing. Now, Joy Packaging has had success in designing high-quality packaging solutions for countless products ranging from packaging boxes, bags to various packaging accessories and adding special textures to the products.

Our Philosophy: making products carry beauty.

The question that concerns Joy Packaging the most is how to make your products leave the best first impression on customers. Therefore, we not only value the functionality and durability of the packaging for each product, but we also place importance on the texture that is being presented. Joy Packaging believes that “packaging” isn’t just an exterior layer that covers the product, but should also add beauty to the products.

Our Beliefs for Service: sincere communication, professional proposals.

Joy Packaging has always dealt with customers’ commissions with the most rigorous attitude. Starting from the consultation phase, Joy Packaging has attentively listened to your needs by actively communicating what is needed for the appearance of the packaging, what functional requirements the packaging should have, and what the budget will be to propose the most suitable design.

A Magician of Materials.

Joy Packaging provides packaging designs that use a variety of materials such as leather, paper, cloth, natural wood, and bamboo to add a unique character to your products and attract consumers’ attention. We are familiar with the effects of various materials, and provide our customers with professional advice and assistance to make precise decisions. We attach great importance to quality from the material suppliers, the processing, all the way down to the comprehensive inspection of the finished product. We pay close attention to every detail so that our customers’ products are wrapped in the best quality packaging.

Our Vision.

Joy Packaging believes that packaging designs that contain ingenuity can make products even more exciting, turning products into art and providing recipients with plenty of surprises. We will continue to diligently to create exquisite packaging solutions to make your products even more wonderful.

Products and Services

  • Designing of special material packaging
  • Designing of functional packaging
  • Customization of standard-sized packaging
  • Customized molding and designs
  • Original packaging designs
  • Company name:JOY PACKAGING. CO., LTD

  • Address:No.1, Jiati 2nd st., Dali Dist., Taichung City 41242, Taiwan

  • Contact number:+886-4-22769388

  • FAX::+886-4-22760038

  • E-mail:emma@joy-packaging.com

  • Established in 2011

  • Capital: NTD 1 million